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Hottest boot trends of spring 2021 — plus 12 pairs to shop

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe, pack your bulky sweaters away and embrace warmer days ahead. With the rise in temperatures comes breezy dresses, colorful hair accessories and seasonally appropriate shoes. While it might still be a little too early for flip-flops and sandals, spring is a great time for boots of all shapes, sizes, colors and styles.

The Shop TODAY team got some style insight from fashion expert Leena Alsulaiman on how to pick and wear some of the season's hottest boot trends this year.

What are the top trends in women’s boots for spring?

“After a year of working from home and socializing via Zoom, it's fair to say that the idea of putting together an outfit (including footwear) to be out-and-about in person can be a daunting task,” Alsulaiman said. Fortunately, there's ample room to play and experiment with your fashion when it comes to the top three trends she’s seeing in boots this season.

Combat boots offer a lot in terms of comfort and are the top must-have for spring, according to Alsulaiman. “Many designers play on the details, making this practical option that can be styled seamlessly with any seasonal outfit,” she explained.

Square-toed boots are sometimes viewed as the most uncomfortable option in footwear. If you’re willing to cheat the system a little, you can still have a stylish boot and be comfortable. Alsulaiman says you can try to find a rounded toe set on a square midsole for the illusion of a square silhouette.

If ankle boots are more your thing, then you definitely have a lot of options. “Whether you're into chunky heels or softer feminine silhouettes, ankle boots adapt themselves seamlessly to your existing wardrobe and are one trend that will be around forever,” said Alsulaiman. “Spring is the season of playful outfits that call for ruffled details, fun layers, cropped lengths and asymmetrical necklines. By incorporating ankle boots into the mix, you balance the overall look.”

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