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Best - THE WALKING DEAD Autograph POSTER canvas Signed by 13 of Cast Ultra

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COLUMN: Meghan Markle’s fashion influence is more prominent than ever (Continue)

Meghan Markle has had a major influence on the fashion industry, but with the recent exposure of the royal family, her style has only become bolder and more influential.

During her days as the Duchess of Sussex, she had a very distinct style with restrictions imposed by the royal family. For example, she was required to dress in the patterns, colors or clothing of a local designer of the country she visited. The clothing change is a universal sign of respect.

Presently, she has more freedom with her clothing because she is no longer monitored by the royal family. Markle’s newfound liberty was showcased in her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, where she made the choice to wear a black Armani dress with lotus flowers climbing her shoulder.

Markle is widely known to wear garments with a hidden meaning, and the lotus flowers almost spoke louder than the interview itself. Lotus flowers have the prominent symbol of rebirth, which sent out a clear message to all viewers back at home: she is finally free again.

Her day-to-day clothing choices since exposing the royal family have been more playful and normal. Instyle commented recently on Markle being spotted in a green “boho” dress by the New York label La Ligne.

“The olive green boho dress, with its smocked silk bodice and tiered skirt, is the most L.A. look we've seen on the duchess in some time, perhaps suggesting that when she isn't exposing the messy underbelly of the British monarchy for an audience of millions, she'll embrace a more relaxed look, something that can be worn with bare feet on the grass,” according to Instyle.

When she was the Duchess of Sussex under the watchful eyes of the royal family, she became an unreachable idol for women across the world. The clothes she wore sold out days after she wore them because people wanted to be more like her.

Now, she is no longer royalty but is more inspiring than ever. Her boldness to leave British royalty and expose the unresolved issues of the family has made her one of the most influential women in the world. With her return to her unique style, the clothing she wears is more available and personable for her loyal fans.

“Her next chapter, like the two behind her, is likely to bring with it its own set of joys and challenges — and, if we're lucky, a catwalk's worth fashion inspo,” Sam Reed wrote in Instyle.

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