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New - New England Patriots Limited Hoodie - 3D Hoodie

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Let’s Get Physical? Retro Athletic Attire Is Trending, And You Don’t Even Need to Play Sports

Last summer, the pleated white tennis skirt became a hit both on and off the court. The classic tennis garment transitioned into a desirable all-occasion style staple—whether you played the sport or not.

This summer, however, there’s more to the prep-sport uniform than just the pleated skort. We’re seeing sweatshirts branded with faux health clubs, tube socks, and preppy polos infiltrate fashion. It’s a style that winks to the fitness-craze of the 1980s and the yuppies and preppies who embraced it. Only this time around, there’s no exclusivity to the look. Anyone can join Zizi Donohue’s “Beverly Hills Health Club,” and you don’t have to enroll at Oxford to rock Rowing Blazer’s tees. Head-to-toe retro athletic attire has become the latest athleisure trend, and we’re not mad about it. Because let’s face it, if we’re going to sport crewnecks, sweatshirts, and baseball hats post-pandemic, they might as well be cute.

Lifestyle brands like Sporty & Rich and Recreational Habits make it easy to achieve the ’80s health club aesthetic. Even legitimate athletic powerhouses like Nike and Adidas are bringing back their retro designs, like Nike’s Reissue sailing jacket inspired by their 1987 boating collection or the “Tennis Academy” pieces from Adidas Originals, certainly a nod to the fitness forward look of the decade.

While interest in outdoor activities might have skyrocketed during the past year, you don’t have to play golf, tennis, or be a member of your local athletic club to dress the part. Comfortable, casual, and chic? This trend is a win-win.

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