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Queen of Content and all things Social - Women's Fashion

We are seeking a true Queen of Social Media for our brands Hussh & Co. and Gingham & Heels. You may not have a lot of professional experience yet, you may be taking your first step in your career but if you live and breathe social, then you are exactly who we are looking for.

Are you a content maker who just can’t step away from Insta, TikTok, Snapchat and all the rest, then we want you.

We won’t ask for much just a demonstrated love of content. Meaning show us your stuff. Send us your handles so we can take a look.

We want to see your creativity, your ideas, and your love of the latest online trends.

Ideally you are not afraid to stand in front of a camera yourself, as our plans are to create lots of in-house content with you as well as our team.

In return we are offering a great step into the world of Online Fashion and Digital Marketing where you can be key in shaping our online creative direction and really drive our brands to the next level.

We will show you the ropes and train you on reporting, analysing and gaining insights to help you make the best content decisions and deliver the best outcomes. You deliver the content and in return we will guide you to becoming an amazing Digital Marketer.

We also offer a great starting salary, 50% discount on apparel as well as a monthly clothing allowance.

If you’re interested, apply now! We want to hear from you. Don’t forget your handles.

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