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Haresh Mirpuri On How Aranyani Is Changing The Luxury Handbag Game

The name Aranyani means Goddess of the Forest and is the perfect encapsulation of the beautiful accessories made by Haresh Mirpuri’s company of the same name. The name’s origin comes from Haresh’s belief that every person his company comes across, whether employee or customer, must be treated as well as a god, and that their product must be packaged and done immaculately for every customer.

Haresh Mirpuri founded the Indian luxury handbag brand Aranyani in 2016 with the mission of creating a brand that would spread Indian artistry and the message of sustainability across the world. Haresh spent more than 20 years in the textile industry, but after witnessing the mass overproduction and over-consumption in fashion, he decided to create a luxury brand of his own. He runs the company under three main principles: service, awareness, and inclusivity, that come from the ancient Indian texts, The Veda.

Haresh Mirpuri recently sat down (virtually) with Haute Living to discuss fair labor practices, the new Fluidity collection, and his vision for Aranyani’s, and luxury fashion’s, future.

Haute Living: How has COVID-19 affected Aranyani’s business?

Haresh Mirpuri: We said, you know what? Everybody is sitting at home, let’s say this is a God-given opportunity to improve the way we communicate digitally. So we first concentrated on bringing awareness to prospective customers. Then, the next thing we did was start atelier tours. We called upon editors or owners of boutiques or pop-ups and gave them a virtual tour of Aranyani. We wanted to showcase what we were doing.

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