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Shop - Greyhound Crocs Clog Shoes

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Shahzad Noor gets real on being a male model in Pakistan's female-dominated fashion industryYou can see Shahzad Noor on countless billboards, everywhere. As one of Pakistan’s foremost male models, he’s the face of multiple brands and has a schedule that is packed choc-a-bloc with projects. He knows how to smoulder for the camera and how to make a statement on the catwalk which, according to the desi fashion lexicon, usually means that he makes a great ramp dulha (groom). He’s won awards and usually skips easily over the Karach-Lahore fashion divide, working with upper-tier brands in both cities. Certainly, Shahzad is on a winning streak and he looks quite the supermodel on the day that I meet him.

He’s dressed in all-white, accessorising the look with a funky pair of sunshades. There’s a natural grace about him; befitting, considering that his career’s raison d’etre is to look good and to make the clothes he wears look good too. He is a bit tired — he’s fasting, he tells me, and following a heavy-duty work schedule — and even during the course of our conversation, he receives calls, coordinating with him for fashion shoots slotted for the next few days.

And yet, despite being witness to how highly coveted Shahzad is, I’m reminded that the Pakistani male model treads a difficult career path.

In an industry where designs for women dominate, even the most successful male model’s playing field is limited. For every 20 luxury lawn brands, there may be one high-street retailer catering to men. And, amongst a plethora of bridal-wear ateliers, only a handful zero in on the demands of the groom. At fashion weeks, three or four of the collections showcased may be of menswear, with the rest of the event dedicated entirely to women’s wear.

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